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Global Energy Management Corp.

 “Forward Thinking Solutions”


“The goal of our team is to provide our customers with premium quality multi-discipline services at competitive rates. EH&S operations are conducted by experienced personal in a safe and orderly manner to reduce costs and uncertainty throughout subsequent project stages. Our goal is to provide an inherent common sense approach and forward thinking strategies to develop clear objectives and achieve all around optimization”.

Global Energy Management (GEM) Corp. Environmental Services division is dedicated to synergizing diverse and accredited business professionals to provide customers with full service capabilities throughout a specific project’s needs.  Through selective networking we create an efficient and unique combination of elements that become stronger together than apart.


GEM’s primary interest is to maintain accountability and instill confidence with our customers throughout our working relationship. Our teams are committed to proactively addressing and finding solutions to challenges in today’s ever changing social, economic and environmental atmosphere.


GEM acknowledges that the flow begins with experienced and accountable on-site personal capable of identifying and communicating baseline concerns on a project by project basis. All processes are managed by collecting and assessing qualitative and quantitative measures and following the applicable Canadian and provincial regulatory standards. Generated documentation is used to summarize and develop comprehensive applications to confidently manage environmental liability.

  • Pre-Acquisition Planning and Approval


  • Construction

    • Management and procurement

    • Monitoring / Inspection

    • Planning / Supervision


  • Operational

    •  Remediation

    •  Spill Response and Clean-Up

    • Integrity Digs

    • Risk Management / Risk Assessment


  • Asset Retirement

    • Monitoring / Inspection

    • Planning / Supervision

    • Reclamation / Remediation

    • Environmental Site Assessments


GEM’s combined network consists of decades of experience in the oil and gas, agricultural and commercial sectors. We realize that every project is unique to its situation and environment and that by providing on-site experienced personal we assist customers with addressing and reducing risks and liabilities.


GEM believes that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, forces working together results in success.

Growth and success are never by mere chance.             


In summary, our main focus is to provide our customers with cost-effective, timely and accredited professional service in every capacity.

GEM can assist your projects with pre-planning, feasibility studies, onsite management and supervision. We can also provide inspection, monitoring, advisement and regulatory support throughout planning, construction, operational and retirement stages of the project.

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