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All About G.E.M.

Global Energy Management Corp. realizes the growing need for experienced and specialized expat personnel to plan, direct and  execute Energy projects in developing regions of the world.


GEM has built a team with vast experiences to handle all aspects and unique challenges involved with International E.P.C. type projects.


GEM’s core professional knowledge base is primarily drawn from the Industry Leading Oil and Gas Sector of Western Canada. We feel that utilizing proven resources from this region will provide personnel with a diverse range of skill sets and a work ethic to solve any problems that may be encountered.


GEM can provide overall project management services as well as provide onsite construction expertise and supervision in all required disciplines. We also provide construct-ability advice throughout the planning and design stages of a project.


Using a common sense approach, GEM will review current or future project requirements to provide and implement HSE solutions unique to any situation.


GEM has experienced personnel to develop and implement project specific commissioning, start up and operating procedures as well as aid in the planning and execution of plant commissioning and start up.


GEM has  Operations Personnel with a wide variety of oil and gas experience dealing with different types of processes and operating conditions. Optimization is an ongoing goal during the operations phase of a project.


GEM will develop training programs unique to each situation and environment. We realize the transfer of skills and safety cultures for the development of foreign nationals is a vital component in the international picture.


In summary, our main focus is to aid E.P.C. Companies and Owners in every capacity to successfully plan, manage execution and operate Energy projects globally.

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